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A Paradigm Shift To Vitiligo Awareness

Vitiligo Awareness Month is upon us. It is time to prepare to support our community through advocacy centered around love and understanding. It is time to raise awareness from a place of internal battle rather than external beauty. Vitiligo affects people with this skin condition from a much deeper vantage point than feeling beautiful on […]

27 May 2023

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Speakers announced for World Vitiligo Day 2023 celebration

Join us for our annual World Vitiligo Day celebration! On 25th June, at 6.30pm our trustee Natalie will be hosting a number of incredible speakers sharing information, tips and advice on how to live well with vitiligo.  The event is free to join, and takes place over Zoom. You are welcome to join us and […]

30 May 2023

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Vitiligo Society representatives participate in NICE consultation for Ruxolitinib

The Vitiligo Society was privileged to be present at a workshop the 11th May 2023 on set up by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (“NICE”). The session’s purpose was for a range of stakeholders to provide further feedback and information regarding the potential licensing of Ruxolitinib cream for the treatment of vitiligo […]

16 May 2023

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Vitiligo & Diabetes: How Running Helped Me Come to Terms with My Visible and Invisible Difference

When Harry Leung discovered patches on his skin in 2019, he had no idea that it was the start of his journey with vitiligo. It started on his face, which some might say is the hardest place to develop the condition because it isn’t always easy to cover. It didn’t take long for the small […]

19 May 2023

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