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5 Surprising Ways My Life Changed After Opening Up About Life with Vitiligo

I’ve lived with vitiligo for more than two decades–since the age of seven. Growing up with vitiligo was incredibly difficult for me and I struggled mentally, emotionally and socially with the ever-changing state of my skin. I also kept that struggle to myself for most of those years. For me, living with vitiligo was so […]

20 November 2023

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First AI-Guide on vitiligo released

Our friends at the US Vitiligo Research Foundation have been busy developing a new piece of tech to help support people living with vitiligo around the world. Their new AI-Guide (released last month) is available in 50 languages and has been released to help answer common questions about vitiligo. Here’s what they had to say […]

28 November 2023

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Ritlecitinib – a new vitiligo treatment?

Ritlecitinib (under the commercial name LITFULO by Pfizer) is an anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive drug that was recently approved for treatment of severe alopecia areata in the USA and Japan. The drug is being tested for treatment of vitiligo, ulcerative colitis, and Crohn’s disease, all of which are considered auto-immune disorders (Blair, 2023). How does ritlecitinib […]

14 November 2023

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What It Was Like Growing Up With Vitiligo

I got vitiligo at the age of seven. The white dots along my spine seemed innocent enough, but my mother knew better. Her mother, my grandmother, had lived with vitiligo for most of her life. A dermatologist confirmed the diagnosis. Despite beginning a topical steroid to treat the white spots, my vitiligo spread–and rapidly. First […]

6 December 2023

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