Applying camouflage

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Most people find the quickest and easiest way to apply their camouflage is with their fingertips but you can use a brush or cosmetic sponge if you prefer.

Camouflage is difficult to remove from head hair, so care needs to be taken when working close to the hairline.  It is easily brushed off from eyebrows and hairs to your limbs and body.

You then need to use a powder puff to apply the setting powder, as this will ensure that you press and roll the powder into the cream.

A cosmetic brush is a useful tool to dust off excess powder.

The setting powder will create a matt finish – this may make the camouflaged area noticeable when your surrounding skin has a natural glow.  The use of a fixing spray will give a semi to full glow finish.

Using a fixing spray will make the camouflage application more secure.  This can be an important part of the application routine when the camouflage is used on very personal areas of the body.

When you have learned the technique of applying camouflage, it should be quick and easy to do!  It should add just a few minutes to your usual hygiene routine.

You will need to learn how to maintain the camouflaged area during wear, what might accidentally remove the camouflage and how to remove the products quickly and effectively.

For hygienic reasons, it is recommended that camouflage is removed daily and the skin is cleansed, but camouflage products can be immediately reapplied.  There is no current evidence that skin camouflage creams encourage spots or damage the skin.

Photographs: © The British Association of Skin Camouflage and used with their permission.