Camouflage hot tips 2

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Do you need camouflage to have a semi matte or glossy finish?  Or are you having trouble getting your camouflage to stay on?

Try a fixing spray (available from theatrical suppliers) such as Kryolan’s Fixier.   If you set your camouflage first with powder, the Fixier will increase its stability.

You can use these sprays as a skin primer and then apply your camouflage, or apply your camouflage in the normal way and then double-set it with the spray.  Always follow manufacturer’s instructions, as a rule of thumb never aerosol the face directly always spray into your palm and pick up the product with a non-latex wedge and pat it to where its required (you can spray directly onto limbs and trunk).  However, fixing sprays usually give the camouflage a semi-matte finish (subsequent layers will increase this to full gloss).  If you don’t want a natural sheen, then simply re-powder over the fixing spray..

Another good skin primer is Kryolan’s Invisible Matte (available as a spray, gel or creme) apply under the camouflage.  This product is available from theatrical make-up shops.  Invisible Matte is also used for anti-shine; the gel and creme being applied under the camouflage with the spray being applied over the top of camouflage.

Having trouble with shiny skin?  An alternative to using Invisible Matte, try a setting powder that is not talc or mineral based such as Kryolan’s Anti-Shine powder (rice based) which is available from theatrical make-up shops.  Some of the loose face powders which are made from cornstarch and nut kernels, available from most chemists and supermarkets, also work reasonably well at keeping the camouflaged area matte.

(don’t ask no one seems to know why rice, corn and nut powders stay matte longer than talc and mineral, or if you are a cosmetic chemist and know the answer, we’d love to know!!!)

Airbrush.The foundation products can be considered as highly pigmented liquids that set matte on the skin (no need to powder) but more importantly can be used without the airbrushing equipment.  However, you will need to work quickly as they set almost on contact with the skin (the silicone based products allow slightly longer setting time).   You can mix two colours together (decant into a clean container) to create a more acceptable skin match.  Easy to apply using a cosmetic sponge, but clean fingers do just as well.  Fixing sprays can be applied over the top, and will give semi-matte to gloss finish too.  These products are available from theatrical retailers, some department stores and beauty salons.  Best to practice on non-visible areas first!

Information provided by the British Association of Skin Camouflage