How do I get a consultation?

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There are two organisations which offer information and advice:

The British Association of Skin Camouflage (BASC)

This organisation is an independent, non-profit making Charity that provides skin camouflage training for a range of professionals who use it.  BASC graduates provide a skin matching service within the NHS and private practice. If you want to attend a free NHS clinic run by BASC trained consultants, then you will need to be referred by your medical adviser (in line with local agreements); you can refer yourself to a privately run clinic, but you may have to pay a consultation fee. Note BASC is not an employer. There is a vast range of pre-mixed skin-coloured products available which may be obtained in line with local agreements; in addition, BASC uses a wider range of products and processes to achieve effective skin camouflage. During your consultation you will be guided through the selection process for the product best suited for your lifestyle, taught how to apply, manage and remove your skin camouflage.

Contact details :   Tel:  01254 703 107  or E-mail:

Changing Faces

This organisation offers a skin camouflage consultation service, run by trained volunteers (until recently it was run by the Red Cross).  The volunteers select the best colour match for each person’s natural skin tone and then teach people how to apply the products.  The service is free, but donations are requested.  It is available to people with vitiligo by referral through their GP or dermatologist and self referral is available in certain areas – check the website for up to date information. Only prescribable skin camouflage products are used.

Contact details :   Tel:  0300 012 0276  or E-mail: