Other camouflage methods

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Felt tip pens

A firm called Magic Styl’o produce a semi-permanent, water-based pen which can be used for colouring small areas of skin or hair, for example on finger tips, lips or eyebrows. The pens are easy to use and, like fake tans, the colour does not rub off.  There is a range of colours available, including three different shades of brown, but you are unlikely to get as good a colour match as you can with camouflage.

  In the UK they are obtainable from Dawn Cragg at:

St Michael’s Place
58a Bridgegate
DN22 7UZ.
Tel: 01777 860500

More information is available on their website: Click Here

Medical tattooing

Medical tattooing is also called micropigmentation or permanent cosmetics.  It is a more permanent method of skin camouflage, suitable for small areas of skin, for example lips and eyebrows.  It involves implanting pigments into the skin, which are not the same as the inks used by high street tattooists.  A test is needed to make sure people are not allergic to these pigments and the procedure is not suitable for everyone.  Medical tattoos fade where skin is exposed to sunlight, but they can last for up to about a year.

Unfortunately, at present, medical tattooing is an unregulated profession.  In inexperienced, untrained hands, there are a considerable number of things that could go wrong, including damage to your skin.  It is essential that medical tattooing is done by a specialist technician who is well trained and has experience.  If you feel medical tattooing is an option for you, please check with the British Association of Skin Camouflage (BASC) to make sure that your practitioner is properly qualified and experienced.

Contact details : Tel:  01254 703 107  or E-mail: Website:

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