Vitiligo Information Services

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Our friendly team of volunteers all have experience of how vitiligo can affect your life. Whilst our services should never replace the advice of medical professionals, we are here to listen and signpost you to accurate information about the condition.

VitChat Live Chat Service

Our volunteer team are available to chat to live every Thursday evening. Our volunteers all have lived experience of vitiligo, so they understand how it feels to be diagnosed with the condition.

They will be available for you to message and to help signpost you to information such as vitiligo treatments, diet tips, camouflage or useful articles. Our volunteers are not trained medical professionals so they cannot advise on what treatment is right for you, but they can help you find information on the different options available for people living in the UK.

Visit our homepage to access the chat box every Thursday between 7-9pm:

Live Information Webinars

We have two big, live information events that we host – which are a perfect opportunity to keep up to date with vitiligo research and treatments as well as be inspired and learn how to live positively with vitiligo.

Our World Vitiligo Day celebration happens every year on or around World Vitiligo Day – the 25th June. We use this event to focus on how to live well with vitiligo and topics may include: mental health, camouflage, dating, personal storytelling or sun protection to name a few.

Our Research Summit takes place every two years, and we invite experts from the medical and research community update us on treatment developments and to answer your questions about why vitiligo occurs and how to best treat it.

Visit our YouTube channel to view previous talks

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Ask our team

Can’t find the information you are looking for on our website? We have a wonderful team of volunteers who can help answer your questions about vitiligo.

In addition to our volunteer team we also have some incredible dermatologists who give their time to help answer your questions. Please get in touch if we can help:

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