Vitiligo Patient Resource Leaflet

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Good patient information ensures that anyone who has just received a diagnosis of vitiligo is prepared and fully aware of the next steps of their treatment pathway.

Many people experience feelings of anxiety and worry about their new condition, its treatment, or its effects on appearance and it can be difficult to retain information and to decide which information is reliable when faced with a plethora of online resources.

What Resources Are Included?

Our new vitiligo patient leaflet provides clear written information that a patient can go back to re-read, as well as introducing our community and contact information so that no one needs to go through a vitiligo diagnosis alone. Here’s some examples of what’s included:

  • Causes
  • Treatment options
  • Member information
  • Contact information

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How our patient leaflet can help someone with vitiligo

Our patient leaflet is designed to provide patients with reliable information and support them as they navigate their vitiligo diagnosis. Here are some of the ways it can help:

  • Reduce anxiety and uncertainty by providing clear information about vitiligo and its treatment options
  • Connect patients with others who have vitiligo and understand what they’re going through
  • Provide practical advice for managing vitiligo and living well with the condition

Do you know someone with vitiligo that would find this resource useful?

We work hard to distribute our resources to those who need them. You can help us reach more people by making the leaflet available in medical practices, hospitals and other healthcare settings.

Click here to get an easily shareable online version of our vitiligo patient resource leaflet.

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