guided meditation for your skin

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Skin Deep

The Vitiligo Society presents a new guided meditation mobile app for those dealing with skin conditions

  • Therapeutic support for dealing with difficult emotions
  • Professionally scripted meditations by certified Psychologists
  • Choice of male or female voice and accent to suit your taste
  • Build a regular meditation practice with reminder notifications
  • Price? Totally Free.

meditation changes lives

It has been scientifically proven that meditation can

Supplement the Treatment Process

Studies have shown, pairing meditation with established treatment methods can accelerate efficacy

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Meditation helps you gain control of tension by eliciting your body's calming response. During a meditation session, your heart and respiration rate slow down and blood pressure diminishes. Many report feeling less anxious in normal day to day life!

Decrease Depression & Improve Self-Image

Boosting serotonin and norepinephrine up to healthy 'depression resistant' levels, the process of meditation changes how you talk to and about yourself

key features

master the skill of skin mindfulness


Five different guided meditations with different themes for emotional support


For each meditation, select from either a male or female voiceover artist to suite your taste

On The Go

Use Skin Deep on the bus, train, or sat at home. No internet connection is required to listen to a soothing skin meditation

Beautiful Design

Built with modern design principles and a focus on the best user experience

The Science of Meditation

Scientifically backed with profesionally scripted theraputic meditations from our team of experts

Amazon Echo

Listen to your favourite meditation on your Echo with Amazon Alexa support - "Alexa, play my skin meditation"

meet the team

meet the volunteer team that has been working hard to bring you meditations for your skin

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