Our Partners

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We couldn’t do the work we do on a national and international scale without the help and support of our incredible partners.

Businesses who support us

We want to thank Kay at Inspire Nutrition, Kay gives her time to the Society to help advise on nutrition and vitiligo; Charlie Frances and Clare Louise Roberts for writing the ‘Vitiligo Song’ to help raise funds and awareness for vitiligo; Little Canvasco & Sarah Makes Bracelets for donating a % of their profits to our Society; and Sylvia Prince designs for donating a % of vitiligo product sales to our Society and giving time to design our schools resources.

We also want to thank UV-Buddy, Evy Sunscreen Mousse, Sunsibility and Magic Styl’o for offering exclusive discounts to our members and supporters.

Pharmaceutical, research & regulatory bodies who work with us

We work in partnership with a number of pharmaceutical, research and regulatory bodies to ensure that vitiligo patients are involved in the development of new treatments, and that we continue to push for access to more effective treatments for vitiligo, and eventually a cure.

Grant awarding organisations who have supported us

We want to thank the British Association of Dermatologists for supporting us in 2020; The Aviva Community Fund for supporting us in 2021 and the National Lottery for supporting us in both 2021 & 2022.

Patient support organisations & charities we collaborate with

We believe our community’s voice is stronger when we work together. This is why we ensure we work in partnership with some incredible national and international organisations to provide the best representation we can for the UK vitiligo community.

If you would like to find out more about working with us, then please email our team: