Vitiligo Support Groups

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Our friendly team of volunteers all have experience of how vitiligo can affect your life. Whilst our services should never replace the advice of medical professionals, we are here to listen and signpost you to accurate information about the condition.

The Vitiligo Society Facebook Group

We believe in the power of creating a safe, supportive community. Our facebook forums exist to provide a safe space for people living with vitiligo to share stories, information, experience and ask any questions you might have. Our team of volunteers work hard to moderate these forums so that you are kept safe from miss-information and abuse.

Click HERE to join our Facebook group

Click HERE to join our Parent Support Facebook group

Please note that in order to be accepted into a group you need to provide all the request information in your application to join.

VitSupport, Online Vitiligo Support Group

Every month we hold a virtual support group for people who want to see and chat to other individuals living with vitiligo.

The group is hosted by our volunteers, all of whom are living with vitiligo and have gone through their own personal journey with the condition. Whilst many of our volunteers now celebrate their skin, they each recall a time when they struggled with confidence, self worth and to find an effective treatment.

These virtual sessions are here to show you that you are not alone, and to connect you with people who understand the challenges of living with vitiligo.

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