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First AI-Guide on vitiligo released

 Posted on 28th November 2023  2 minute read

Our friends at the US Vitiligo Research Foundation have been busy developing a new piece of tech to help support people living with vitiligo around the world.

Their new AI-Guide (released last month) is available in 50 languages and has been released to help answer common questions about vitiligo.

Here’s what they had to say about it:

This AI-guide is more than just a tool—it’s a revolution. Inspired by Prof. Yan Valle’s acclaimed “A No-Nonsense Guide To Vitiligo” and his other works, it’s redefining healthcare learning. It offers the latest research, delves into causes, discusses a spectrum of treatments, and covers essentials like nutrition and mental health…While advanced, our AI isn’t flawless. It’s always learning, so if it seems a tad quirky or off, we kindly ask for your understanding and patience.

~ Yan Valle, CEO VR Foundation
Girlfriends studying online while looking at the laptop screen and chatting with each other

The Foundation are encouraging people to go in and try asking the tool some questions about vitiligo, you’ll be helping the AI to learn and also be helping the team to understand the information that people are most likely to try to access.

The service is free to access, and a great new resource to discover new information about vitiligo.

Don’t forget if you prefer to talk to people then our volunteer team are available every Thursday evening to answer your questions too! Email for more information about our VitChat service.

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