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Introducing our new workplace support park

 Posted on 15th February 2024  2 minute read

Whilst it is possible to live with vitiligo and thrive, there can be no doubt that for many people being diagnosed with vitiligo can have a considerable impact on their life, and their confidence to carry out everyday activities.

It’s important that people living with vitiligo feel empowered to talk to their employer if they feel their vitiligo is impacting their career, and its equally important to encourage employers to take the time to learn about how vitiligo may be affecting an employee. Together you can work to identify ways in which to create a supportive workplace environment for someone with a visible difference.

How the support pack can help

There are many ways in which living with vitiligo may affect someone in the workplace, below is a list of common examples to help you understand the kinds of impact the condition can have:

  • An inability to work outside for long periods of time in the sun
  • A requirement to undergo treatment throughout the working week
  • Adjusting to the reaction of people to a visible difference
  • Feelings of anxiety, self-consciousness or depression

Our workplace support pack includes four different elements, all designed to give you the tools you need to thrive in your workplace:

  • Information Factsheet for Employers: This factsheet briefly outlines to employers how they can support an employee, including how best to learn about vitiligo; how vitiligo might affect work duties, understanding their legal obligations, the different kinds of support available, and how to raise wider awareness.
  • Understanding vitiligo in the workplace (workplace presentation): This 13 page slide deck introduces vitiligo and helps combat some common myths about the condition. It includes information that can be shared with colleagues about how vitiligo may affect an individual at work and also how to approach conversations about vitiligo.
  • Our guide for what to do if vitiligo is affecting your career: Everyone experiences vitiligo differently, but if you think it is affecting your career, then there are some steps you can take to help combat this. In this guide we give our top tips for how to work through any challenges your vitiligo may be presenting you with in the workplace.
  • A 5-part email welcome series: Including links to community stories, and information on the other kinds of support you can access.

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