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Over 1000 people participate in first UK-wide vitiligo research project

 Posted on 27th June 2023  2 minute read

Understanding the range of experiences our audience have with vitiligo is at the core of our mission. To explore more about how vitiligo affects day-to-day life, wellbeing and mental health, that’s why in 2022 The Vitiligo Society commissioned Social Change to carry out behavioural research.

We wanted to hear your thoughts about what having vitiligo is like, what support can help people to understand and manage their vitiligo and what you want and need from The Vitiligo Society.

Thanks to the incredible support from our community, friends and partners, together we smashed our target of 1,000 responses! We want to say a huge ‘thank you’ to everyone who completed and shared our the research survey.

What happens next?

Social Change UK will begin analysing the results of the survey and conduct the interview stage of the research, reporting on what both stages of the research have found. The interview stage is incredible important as it is during this stage that we can further understand the survey responses and delve deeper into the challenges faced by individuals in our community. Participants will be chosen from the pool of survey respondents, so please do consider participating if you are chosen to help.

We will then share the results of the research with you all. We’ll be using the research to write our strategy, ensuring that our aims and work for the next 5 years focus on the areas that you tell us are important to you – whether that’s research, support, education or raising awareness. We want to make sure that every pound we raise from memberships and donations is spent in a way that most benefits our community.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support our work, and make life better for everyone affected by vitiligo.

Some of the financial support for this project has been provided to The Vitiligo Society as a grant from Pfizer Ltd. This research is being carried out by Social Change on behalf of The Vitiligo Society and all responses are anonymous. For more information, please contact

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