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World Vitiligo Day 2023 celebration roundup

 Posted on 29th June 2023  3 minute read

It’s a wrap….World Vitiligo Day 2023 that is!

Last Sunday (25th) we celebrated World Vitiligo Day which continues to be a global celebratory event. Along with other parts of the world, we hosted an online event to mark the occasion bringing together four great guests who shared their knowledge, personal stories and experiences with vitiligo.

With over 150 people registering for the event, it was our biggest virtual celebration ever!

We welcomed back Dr Linda Papadopoulos who has been closely connected to the Society for a number of years and who shared her personal association with the condition through a family member and also some great tips on supporting children with vitiligo and how we can better manage the condition from a psychological perspective.

Joti Gata Aura and Kirps Bhogal, notable advocates in the community shared their personal journeys with the condition, whilst Charlene Douglas, from Married at First Sight, shared her top tips when it comes to dating and intimacy.

World Vitiligo Day, for me personally still continues to touch me in so many positive ways. From the online social media campaigns, the video messages and the photos shared it really does highlight how connected the community is in terms of raising awareness and supporting each other. It really does show unity and support which is the one thing many of us felt we lacked in the past. On the day we asked a few of our advocates what World Vitiligo Day meant for them and here’s what they said:

World Vitiligo Day means awareness, appreciation and celebration. On this day I want to raise awareness of the condition and it’s visual and mental health effects. I want to appreciate my own personal journey with vitiligo and I want to celebrate other vitiligans on their own individual journeys.

~ Omar Sharife

World Vitiligo Day is a special day because people round the world get to celebrate their vitiligo and it is an important day for people who have vitiligo and hose who don’t because we can all come together ring awareness, share stories, help others learn about it and help others to be more accepting of their condition.

~ Vitiligo Society Youth Ambassador, Darnay

Growing up with vitiligo was such a unique experience that no one around me could relate to. If I had know there was this many people like me around the world I would have been so joyous! World vitiligo day means no one has to feel alone

~ Andrea (@androcks)

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