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Celebrating the Mums of Children With Vitiligo

Today is a day for celebrating the special women in our lives – our Mums and Mother figures. At the Society, we’ve spoken to many Mums of children with vitiligo and have come to realise just how concerned they are when their child is first diagnosis. Not knowing how they might be treated at school […]

10 March 2024

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NICE Ruxolitinib appraisal update (April 2024)

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) are currently appraising the clinical and cost effectiveness of Ruxolitinib within its marketing authorisation for treating non-segmental vitiligo in people 12 years and over. The importance of this is that, if approved, it could make Ruxolitinib available on the NHS. 11th January 2024 Technology Appraisal Committee Meeting […]

10 April 2024

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Vitiligo Research Foundation calls for study participants

Our friends at The US Vitiligo Research Foundation are working in collaboration with Survey Engine and conducting a comprehensive international research study. Their objective is to understand the varied experiences and treatment expectations of individuals living with vitiligo across different regions, starting with residents of the UK, the USA, and the EU. They are inviting […]

19 March 2024

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New Vi-TEA-ligo Adventure in Manchester!

Hey there, fellow tea lovers and curious souls! Let me start off by saying that vitiligo has been a part of my life since I was a child. Throughout the years, I’ve navigated its challenges, its questions, and its moments of insecurity. Yet, despite living with vitiligo for so long, I’ve never had the chance […]

26 March 2024

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