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Dating with a visible skin condition

For many of us with vitiligo, dating can feel exceptionally difficult. Ever since I understood that my skin wasn’t desirable, dating and forming a relationship with someone who didn’t understand my skin, made me want to avoid dating for as long as possible. What I struggled with was the overwhelming feeling of being attracted to […]

15 February 2023

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New vitiligo research & treatment talks now available to watch

We’re delighted to announce that the videos of talks from our 2022 Research Summit are now available to view on our YouTube Channel.This was the biggest event of the vitiligo calendar, and a fantastic opportunity to hear from leading experts who have extensive knowledge in vitiligo research, current & future treatment options. Our experts We began with welcome and introduction […]

17 March 2023

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How much progress has been made on vitiligo research?

One of the questions we as vitiligo patients often pose ourselves is what the current state of research progress for treatments of the skin condition is – is it garnering the medical attention it deserves and can we expect new developments in the upcoming years. We aim to answer these questions through a dissection of […]

15 March 2023

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How Art Therapy Has Helped Me Change The Way I Feel About Having Vitiligo

Yilan Wang, an illustrator and tattooist, developed vitiligo when she was three years old. It started as a patch around her eye, which later spread to other parts of her body and turned her eyelashes and hair white. Developing vitiligo so young, Yilan didn’t realise she was different and of course didn’t understand that she […]

9 March 2023

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