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Vitiligo & Natural Remedies – What my research has taught me

Throughout my career as a wellness coach I have taken a special interest in holistic beauty, diet and fitness.  Whilst it can be easy to discredit natural or alternative remedies to common conditions, having researched into this area over a number of years I have come across increasing bodies of science that support the use of such […]

9 January 2023

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Lego introduces more figures with vitiligo to it’s toy range

We have been thrilled to see toy ranges feature characters with vitiligo and new produces just keep coming. It started with a single Barbie Doll being released back in 2019 along side other new dolls. The collection, which also included a doll with no hair, a prosthetic limb and a wheel chair, was part of […]

1 February 2023

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What is spontaneous re-pigmentation and why does it occur?

What is spontaneous re-pigmentation? Spontaneous re-pigmentation means vitiligo patches regaining normal skin colour on their own, without any treatment. What is the likelihood of my vitiligo spots re-pigmenting without treatment? Multiple studies have reported spontaneous repigmentation to happen in around 1 in 5 of patients (Ramam et al., 2020; Handa & Kaur, 1999), while textbooks report […]

1 February 2023

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My partner had vitiligo and this is what I learnt

Later this year, Amy Matthews will be taking on one of her toughest challenges yet. She’ll be taking part in the the Welsh 3000 Challenge with three of her closest friends in memory of her partner Mike who sadly passed away in July 2021 and who also had vitiligo. The challenge, which consists of climbing […]

19 January 2023

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