Camouflage hot tips 1

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Storage: when summer arrives there is no need to store your skin camouflage cremes in the fridge.

But, as with all topical medications, skin camouflage, cosmetics and toiletries it is better to store them away from direct sunlight.

If you are visiting a country where the temperature makes the camouflage cremes melt, don’t worry store them out of the sun and just give them a gentle stir if they begin to separate.  The cremes will soon solidify once back in a cooler environment

Lavender: well you either like this fragrance or not, but somehow it seems to become more attractive the older you get!  Lavender has many soothing and medicinal properties but it may also photosensitise skin, which means it may increase the potential for sunburn.  So, if you like lavender in your after-shave, perfume, toilet soap or any preparation you apply to your skin then, just be cautious during the summer months and be aware of this potential problem to vitiligo skin.

Fake Tans: they don’t really give a good skin match, do they!  But, they can be used to great effect to create a less noticeable difference to your normal skin colour and your vitiligo patches, especially to areas of skin where your skin camouflage may easily rub or wash off.

Information provided by the British Association of Skin Camouflage