Treatment decisions

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There is no reliable cure for vitiligo yet.  Available treatments focus on slowing its progress, concealing the white patches or trying to bring about repigmentation, which is unlikely to be complete or permanent.  Vitiligo may even get better by itself in up to 50% of affected individuals.

This uncertainty about what may happen with vitiligo leaves you with a range of choices about what to do.  What you decide will depend on what you feel about your vitiligo and how it is affecting your life.

Basically, your options are to:

  • Decide that you can live with it as it is.
  • Ask your doctor about available treatments.
  • Use camouflage products to conceal the white patches.
  • Seek counselling or psychological support if you are very distressed.

You need good information to make decisions about your vitiligo.  We hope the information on this website will help you to understand what treatments are and how they might affect you.

Some people find speaking to health professionals about their condition very difficult.  Possibly writing things down before your appointment will help you get the information you need.  Taking someone with you to the appointment can also help – they can support you and remind you of anything you forget to ask.